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Crazy Hollow Elastic - 3M

Brand: Sensas
Product Code: SE05540
Availability:In Stock

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Elastic Size: Price: Qty:
5-8 Yellow £8.99
6-10 Orange £8.99
8-12 Green £8.99
10-14 Red £8.99
16-20 Blue £8.99


A new generation of hollow elastic! Created to meet the needs of the modern big fish pole angler, the new Crazy hollow elastics are designed with a very high stretch ratio. This gives the angler the choice - ramp up the tension on your bung to get quick control over hooked fish or slacken it off to let the fish run and avoid pull outs... you decide! These elastics come with a built-in abrasion and UV resistant walls. A new benchmark in hollow elastic design and performance!



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