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Buying a pole will probably be the most significant investment you will make in your fishing. Here at MAS  we aim to help you ensure this investment will be worth every penny by guiding you through the process so you purchase the correct package to suit your style of fishing.

As a group of anglers we have many years experience fishing the pole across a wide range of venues both here in the UK and across Europe and we are on hand to advise you on the best package to suit your needs. Whether you opt for a readymade package or build your own we will guide you through one of the toughest decision many of you will make in fishing.

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Big Fish Top Kits - Blue Sticker
The first in the range aimed at larger fish and stronger elastics. Recommended hollow elastic 2.20mm..
Poles developed for long-lining with wagglers - known as 'franglaise' fishing!  Light, reliable..
Light parallel extension for a series 4 pole 14.5m/16m/17.5m   This product is ordered as..
Competition Top Kits - Silver Sticker
Very light and stiff top kits designed for canal and river work or silverfish on a commercial. Avail..
A power top kit with a built in Side Puller allowing you to control fish better when using hollow el..