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JRANGE LASTIX smooth flow hollow

Brand: J Range
Product Code: JRANGE Elastics
Availability:In Stock

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Elastic Size: Price: Qty:
10-15 JR GREEN £9.99
3-6 JR PINK £9.99
7-10 JR YELLOW £9.99


Orange 3-5 - Our lightest elastic and perfect for silvers and F1’s but also capable of landing that rogue lump that comes along.

Pink 3-6 - A perfect for skimmers and smaller F1’s but also capable of landing that rogue lump that comes along. The perfect elastic when fishing for everything in your swim.

Yellow 7-10 - The perfect elastic for F1’s and shallow fishing for smaller carp up to 3lb. Powers up beautifully and if you like to fish a bit lighter this elastic will handle those 0.12 hooklengths no problem.

Green 10-15 - A great all round elastic whether for the 5 metre line catching proper carp or shallow. A fantastic allrounder this elastic that will land anything.

Black 12-17 - If your on a few fish and and they are giving you the run around then this elastic will get them back in line. The perfect elastic for bagging which powers up quick and lets you get on and land the fish without fuss.

Purple 14-19 - Perfect for down the edge this elastic will tame all those edge dwellers when you need to get them out of the edge and into the net.

Red 19-21 - Another big boy elastic for down the edge or open water when proper carp are your quarry. This is a no nonsense elastic and if there is a shopping trolley in your swim it will get that out too!

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