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Brand: Maurizio Schiepatti
Product Code: MSVIPER
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Float Weight: Price: Qty:
3.0g Yel Tip £4.00
4.0g Or Tip £4.00
4.0g Yel Tip £4.00
5.0g Or Tip £4.50
5.0g Red Tip £4.50
5.0g Yel Tip £4.50
6.0g Or Tip £4.50
6.0g Red Tip £4.50
6.0g Yel Tip £4.50
7.0g Or Tip £4.50
7.0g Red Tip £4.50
7.0g Yel Tip £4.50


straight peacock float , changeable weight with brass round washers, sarkanda insert 7 cm long
3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

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