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Feeling Classic New 100M

Brand: Sensas
Product Code: SE36706
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Line Dia - Breaking Strain: Price: Qty:
0.065 - 0.40Kg £4.49
0.12 - 1.39Kg £4.49
0.20 - 3.89Kg £4.49
0.22 - 4.89Kg £4.49
0.25 - 5.43Kg £4.49


Classic New Sensas lines have been extensively tested by Team Sensas anglers and their consultants and are proven for their strength, performance and resistance to abrasion and wear. Feeling Classic New high tech line is pearl grey in colour with excellent resistance to both abrasion and ultraviolet. It’s stretch and reliable diameter make it the best in its class, very good for rigs and pole fishing.



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