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Carbofram Evolution Match

Brand: Exner
Product Code: EXCEM
Availability:In Stock

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Float Weight: Price: Qty:
8.0g £7.50
10.0g £7.70
12.0g £7.90
14.0g £8.10
18.0g £8.50
20.0g £8.70


Excellent bodied wagglers, the weight disc's are produced from a new alloy which is 1.6x heavier than lead and 2.2x than copper allowing a more streamlined body. This along with a stem made from carbon similar to that used in rod production which is straight, very light, strong and flexible creates a float that casts wonderfully and is very durable. The tips on these floats are interchangeable with any in the Exner range so you can use a thicker or finer tip depending on the conditions.

The washers can be unscrewed off and replaceed with a slider attachment 

Every float package will contain several tips ..........extra tips can be ordered.

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